Emeril Lagasse
Pressure Cooker & AirFryer–

All in One!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of construction?
This appliance has a stainless steel housing and Inner Pot.

How do you assemble/disassemble the Unit?
This appliance comes fully assembled with the Float Valve, Pressure Release Valve, and Inner Lid already assembled in the Pressure Lid. Attach the Condensation Collector before operation.

What is the default time?
Each cooking mode has a default time that appears as soon as you select a desired program button. Before the timer on the LCD Display begins counting down, the appliance must first reach the proper pressure and/or temperature for that mode.

How long does it take for the Unit to reach full pressure and for the cook time clock to start a countdown?
When the Unit reaches the desired cooking pressure, the LCD Display will change color from orange to red and the cooking time will begin counting down. The time required to reach the desired pressure setting depends on the volume, concentration, and ratios of solid to liquid in the Unit – generally 5–40 mins.

Can you change the cook time from the default setting?
Yes! You can change the cook time two ways. Select SHORT, MED, or LONG. These are preprogrammed settings that will give a predetermined time. Alternatively, select the Time Button to adjust the cooking time to suit your needs.

Can you leave the Unit on while not at home?
The Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer has a delayed start function, but leaving the Unit on while not at home is not recommended.

Can you put frozen foods into the Unit without defrosting?
Yes! Remember to add an average of 10 extra mins. to the cooking time when cooking frozen meals.

Can I deep fry in this Unit?
No! Do not attempt to deep fry in the Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer. The Unit does not have safety measures to prevent oil fumes and fire. Pressurized oil fumes are very dangerous and can cause an explosion.

How do I turn off the Unit?
Press the Cancel Button on the Control Panel and unplug the Power Cord from the wall outlet and the Unit Base.

I pressure cooked my food. Now, I want to air fry it. Does the liquid need to be removed from the inner pot before using the air frying lid?
Yes. For the best results, remove the liquid. The food won’t be as crispy if the liquid is left in the inner pot.

How can the air frying lid be cleaned?
When the lid is unplugged and cooled, use a damp towel to wipe it down. A damp cloth with minimal soap can be used, but the air frying lid cannot be submerged in water. The heating element should never be cleaned.

Does the air frying lid have to be stored on the unit to prevent dust from getting into the fan when not in use?
The air frying lid can be stored on top of the unit or can be stored with the heating element facing down.

The lid has a strong plastic smell during the first use. Will this stop after a few uses?
Before cooking food for the first time, preheat the unit in air frying mode for a few minutes to allow the unit to burn off the manufacturer's protective coating of oil.

The air frying lid has small tabs on the bottom. Is it safe to put on my counter after it has been used?
The frying lid should be allowed to run through the cool-down cycle after cooking. The lid can then be placed onto a heat-resistant surface, such as a trivet or a cooling rack.

How many wire racks should my unit include?
The unit is packaged with one or two wire racks, depending upon where the unit was purchased. The unit works with a one-tier or two-tier rack. You can purchase a two-tier rack from customer service.

How will the product be delivered?
Your order will be delivered via Fed Ex. You will receive a tracking number if you provide an email address once your order ships.